Doug Reilly Award

The Doug Reilly Award is bestowed to members who have demonstrated outstanding loyalty and commitment to the Canadian Utility Fleet Council.  As valued ambassadors, their exceptional contributions have played an important role in the success of the organization.

The award is named after Doug Reilly, retired from Hydro One, who was a long serving member of the Canadian Utility Fleet Council.  Doug has occupied every position on the executive committee. He has also served the utility industry as Chairman of the CSA Z-150 Crane standard and member of the CSA C-225 Aerial Devices standard as well as representing Canada on various international committees.

Doug’s dedication and service was exemplary as he set the ultimate standard by demonstrating exceptional leadership, loyalty, commitment and excellence throughout his years within the CUFC. His tireless work and outstanding contributions have provided a learning and collaborative environment for the members and ensured the continued success of the CUFC and its annual Fleet forum. 

His fellow members greatly appreciated and admired Doug because of his deep personal attachment to the CUFC and everything it stands for. 

Recipients of the Doug Reilly Award

2010 in St John’s, Newfoundland 
Doug Reilly
Bob Borer
Alain Courchesne

2012 in Ottawa, Ontario 
Don Barkley

2014 in Regina, Saskatchewan 
Doreen Pilon