The Process

Examination under the direction of the Canadian Utility Fleet Council is a voluntary process, aimed towards the "best practices" available principle. The program is driven by utilities, equipment manufacturers, owners and operators, requiring that only competent technicians are allowed to service, inspect and maintain their equipment.

The process is simple. When a technician meets the qualifying criteria as outlined as follows, he or she is are allowed to challenge the examination.

The examination is scored and technicians achieving a grade of 70 percent or higher are issued a proof of completion. Names of successful technicians are entered into the official database of "Qualified Utility Fleet Equipment Mechanics".

The release of any information from the database is under the strict control of the Canadian Utility Fleet Council "Mechanic Training Committee".

The Utility Training Group has developed and will administer the process, under the direction and control of the Canadian Utility Fleet Council "Mechanic Training Committee."

The examination is comprised of a combination of 100 multiple choice and true or false questions. Tasks viewed as critical have more questions dedicated to them. 

Questions pertaining to tasks considered critical are worth more marks in the determination of the technician's final score. Each applicant's examination is unique, being made up of questions randomly selected by computer from a data base of approved questions. 

Each student is expected to complete the examination within a time period of two hours, without the aid of any written material or coaching. Students are allowed to use a calculator in the examination. Completed examinations are scored with results forwarded to the CUFC. Mechanic Training Committee for review.


Appeal of examination results or any other area of dispute, must be made directly to the CUFC Mechanic Training Committee. In all cases, the decision of the committee will be final. 

Mechanic Examination Fee $150 + Tax
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