The CUFC is proud to introduce the new "Associate Mechanic Training Program". The associate program is similar to the "regular" fleet mechanic program, although the associate would not be able to conduct any maintenance or repair work. The associate program is designed for non-mechanic individuals (i.e., individuals creating specifications to purchase line trucks, staff working in parts departments, service writers, etc..).

All tasks the Associates and Fleet Mechanics will be tested on are found in the "Utility Fleet Mechanic Learning Guide". The "Guide" identifies critical tasks as well as how to go about learning the required skills.

The "Guide" also provides a section with sign-off sheets. When a fleet mechanic has performed a task to the satisfaction of the company's observer, the observer and fleet mechanic both sign the sheet, indicating that the task has been satisfactorily completed.  This does not apply to the Associate Mechanic Training Program.

When the fleet mechanic has completed all of the tasks in the mechanics learning guide, and spent appropriate time gaining the required experience, he or she should be ready to take the examination.

The Associate Mechanic may complete the examination once the required classroom training is completed. The Associate Program does not require the required wrench time.