Presidents - Past and Present

In 1991, known today as, the Canadian Utility Fleet Council (CUFC) original met in Calgary, the following four people were present: John Harvey (Manitoba Power), John Kwan (City of Calgary) Ghislain Courcy (Hydro Quebec) and Bob Borer (Ontario Hydro). The meeting was to discuss common fleet manufacture and maintenance issues. The outcome of the meeting was the formation of the CUFC; the next meeting in 1992 was in Vancouver in conjunction with the Canadian Electrical Committee. The annual meeting was known as the “Fleet Forums” until 2006 when then President Ken Thomas formalized the group and called it CUFC. Today the annual meeting is still known as the “Canadian Utility Fleet Forum”.

List of past and present Presidents:

1991 to 1998 John Harvey, Manitoba Hydro
1999 to 2002 Frank Reily, Saskatchewan Power
2003 to 2004 Jack Abraham, Nova Scotia Power & John Noble, Hamilton Hydro
2005 to 2007 Ken Thomas, Manitoba Hydro
2008 to 2009 Jack Abraham, Nova Scotia Power
2009 to 2010 Doug Reilly, Hydro One
2011 to 2012 Dave Turriff, Hydro Quebec
2013 to 2014 Trevor Philpot, Newfoundland Power 

2014 to 2019 Peter Michaud, NB Power