Free Membership when attending CUFF

By attending the annual Canadian Utility Fleet Forum, your company automatically gains membership to the Canadian Utility Fleet Council. Companies and organizations involved with and in support of Utility Fleets across Canada are encouraged to join. Below is letter from the President with some background information and a link to the application form. If an introductory letter, from the Council President, to your senior management would help facilitate the application, please send your request to cufc@cufconline.com

Please feel free to contact any Executive member for more information. 

Formed a number of years ago, the Council promotes the interests of the "Utility Fleet Sector" by providing a united voice to Government, Standards Bodies and Regulators. The Council acted to develop and administer the Utility Fleet Equipment Mechanic certification which has and will continue to elevate our trades person competency to the highest in the world.

Annually the Council presents the "Utility Fleet Forum" bringing together fleet decision makers from across Canada to plot the future course of our industry. In the past, the Council has been responsible for sending a representative to ISO meetings to contribute in the development of International standards for vehicle mounted aerial devices.

Our participation has led substantial progress in improving what had originally been a European dominated standard with potentially serious negative consequences for our North American fleets. We also recently met with representatives of Natural Resources Canada to lobby on your behalf to the Federal government for funding and their participation in the development of environmentally friendly hybrid trucks.

To date more than 600 mechanics across Canada have been certified under our certification program exceeding industry standards in Canada and world. Your continued support of the Council is important to the future of our industry, and we request you assist us with these valuable efforts by responding favorably to this membership drive.

Your company will be registered as a member of the Council and you will be the contact. 

Yours truly, Chris Walsh

President Canadian Utility Fleet Council